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Interflora Florist of the Year 2012 finalist.

In 2012 Charlotte from Hilary's Floral Design qualified to compete at the prestigious Interflora Florist of the Year competition held at RHS Tatton show in July. Charlotte won her qualifying heats in Swansea and was the representative competitor for Wales competing against 9 other top florists that day.

For the competition Charlotte would be competing all day in four rounds in front of a live audience and under time limits where the overall theme was Interflora's 90th Birthday. The first task was to create a floral handbag, Charlotte created a pretty clutch styled bag adorned with phalaenopsis orchids, hydrangea pips, mini alliums heads and rolled lily grass.

 For the second task the competitors were set the challenge of creating a floral cake. Charlotte continued her colour scheme of purples and pinks used in the handbag task through to her cake design, where most of the same types of flowers were used.


For the third task, was the largest task out of the four, a free standing floral screen. Charlotte screen was 1.5 meters in width by 2 meters tall dressed with five different coloured strands of wool and attached to that frame where colourful and vibrant flowers arranged in a parallel style.


The fourth and final task was the 'Surprise item', competitors are given identical boxes of flowers and materials for the first time, so all the items are unseen by each competitor before. From this box the competitors are given 40 minutes to create a floral display.


Eventhough Charlotte wasn't placed at this show, her talent and skills were noticed and is now on the Team for Interflora when they exhibit at Chelsea Flower show in May 2014.


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